Cosmo, Sexy Chic

Cosmopolitan can be summed up in many different terms, ranging from eye candy to fashion consultant.  However, what it’s really known for?  Sex.  This month’s cover, for example has blurbs such as from “The Hottest Things to Do to a Man With Your Hands” and “Bed-Me Eyes Supersexy Hues.”  It doesn’t even buy me dinner before it takes me to the bedroom. 

            The boldness of Cosmopolitan is what makes it so appealing. When Helen Gurley Brown became editor-in-chief in 1965, she remodeled the magazine from family-oriented to R-rated.  The theme has continued with Kate White, the present editor-in-chief.

            The magazine celebrates sexuality and always has articles to help women learn how to pleasure their partners.  In this issue they have “Guy’s Sex Confession: Surprising Stuff They Don’t Want From You In The Sack” where they explain different situations where men have had bad experiences in the bedroom.  For example, don’t stick your tongue too far in a man’s ear or moaning before a man has even touched you because it feels insincere.    

            Cosmopolitan does eventually step out the bedroom and into the spotlight.  An article called “Life-of-the-Party-Looks” shows different party dresses. Also in the article, “Designers Who Blow Us Away” it depicts designers such as Donna Karen and Phillip Lim, and shows pieces from their collection that makes them the most sought-after for the fall season.  This helps women learn what’s in and find ways to mimic it. 

            Cosmopolitan will change quickly in one issue from a fashion, beauty magazine to a raunchy, sex education piece.  That’s the beauty of this magazine, it’s not for the more conservative and it’s upfront about it.  The reader knows what they’re getting the minute they pick it up and read the cover.  That bluntness keeps Cosmopolitan different from the rest. 

Cosmopolitan is best described as the girl who has two sides to her personality.  She can be sleek and sophisticated by work-day and a blunter, sexually comfortable being by night-and keep her respect 24/7.  For a while, women were only seen as modest and complacent and anything that went against that norm was taboo.  Cosmopolitan breaks that mold and shows women that it’s okay to push the limit and explore their feelings.

            It is a fun magazine to read, although, a friend says, “What’s the point of reading it if you don’t have a man to use it on?”

 I say read just for the pure amusement of it and then afterward smoke a cigarette.


Candice Stewart


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