The Beauty Of It All

My mother always told me that I was addicted to magazines. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved everything about magazines.  I especially love women’s magazines, from their glossy covers to the quizzes, practical tips, and features inside.  However, I’ve never felt that there were enough magazines that speak to me as a black woman.  Even though the offerings on the newsstand are scarce, online magazines for black women are on the rise. (You Make It Beautiful) is a shining example of what the future of minority magazines has in store. Along with online black women’s magazines such as Pearl Magazine, Lavish Magazine, and Clutch Magazine, adds to the choices black women have in the world of women’s lifestyle magazines.

According to its media kit, is directed at artsy minority women who live organic lifestyles, so the magazine features items in its beauty and fashion section that are made from natural materials.  I love how the cold-weather beauty article that was featured November 14th on the opening page  suggests items that are both in keeping with being organic and affordable, such as the Vanilla Granola Body Buff by Fresh Body made with granola, ground almonds, and walnut shell powder.  The Body Buff is only $13.  One gripe I constantly have with print magazines is that they always have items in their fashion and beauty sections that are much more expensive than the average woman could probably afford. is revolutionary because, while it is a beauty and fashion magazine, it doesn’t focus on losing weight and trying to attain some perfect look.  Instead, the magazine focuses on holistic health as well as mental and spiritual well-being . I especially love its Creative Living section, which focuses on crafts and arts.  Magazines like help to redefine what beauty is, and for minority women this is important since we are often not the standard of beauty. It is refreshing to see black women portrayed as beautiful not only because of their physical beauty, but also because of their creative, intellectual spirits.

Of all of the developing minority women’s magazines on the Internet, such as the aforementioned Pearl Magazine and Clutch Magazine, is probably the best designed.  Colors are lively and articles and sections are easy to find.  The navagation is straightforward and dosen’t confuse you or lead you where you didn’t want to go, as I have experienced in some other online magazines.

The magazine also has quite a few advertisements, which I hope is a sign that it is financially stable enough to avoid being shut down due to a lack of funds, a fate that many black women’s magazines have had.

The magazine’s blending of the publication with an online community and featured blogs is ideal, since this allows readers to feel like they have a voice in the content of the magazine.  These features really make the magazine feel like MY magazine, one that directly addresses me, yet appeals to many other women at the same time.

In a time when the forecast looks rather bleak for minority women’s magazines, gives me hope. This magazine represents a very positive change in the type of content that is directed toward minority women. And that is true beauty to me.   

-Nichole Nichols 


2 Responses to “The Beauty Of It All”

  1. 1 Jameelal S. November 25, 2007 at 4:23 am

    Interesting post. While I like – I have to disagree with your assessment of Clutch Magazine. Clutch is very informative and has interviews from celebrities, upcoming writers to trendsetters, helps black businesses, has an international appeal and designed very well. It’s also updated daily with news national and internationally that is important for our culture.

    As a “Mag Critic” myself, YMIB is very skewed toward holistic and a natural lifestyle – which is fine, but doesn’t represent a big percentage of Black women – it’s more of a small niche. Clutch has everything from beauty, fashion and culture. And it highlights designers that most of us haven’t even heard before. I think before you make decision to write about who’s best you should read the content of all sites and then make your decision. Pearl is not even to par with Clutch or YMIB and should not have been listed. Empress Mag ( is way better than Pearl.

    A big fan of Clutch 🙂 that loves YMIB too.

  2. 2 Nichole Nichols November 28, 2007 at 10:35 pm

    Jameelal- You are right about YMIB only addressing a small sector of Black women. But I highlighted this magazine because it is directed toward such a unique group within Black women. As I said in the post, I felt that the magazine deserved the spotlight because of its redefinition of beauty. Clutch is a great magazine which I plan to read more frequently, but it does promote a more mainstream beauty and I think that the more definitions of beauty there are, the better. Thanks for your comment though. I’ll make sure to check out too. 🙂 I’m just glad to see more publications on the web and in print that are directed toward Black women.

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