My Favorite Things

Wait, so Grey’s Anatomy is going to be showing reruns soon? Not cool! This writers strike has gotten way out of hand. I mean, it was all right when they said that there might be a halt on soap operas. Who cares? But now, shows that really matter are in jeopardy. So, I have to wonder: What are they striking for?
I’m sure it’s a righteous cause, but they seem to be having fun out there with their cleverly written picket signs. Troy Patterson, the television critic for Slate magazine, weighed in on the writers strike in his article, “Coffee, Muffins, YouTube.” The article was posted on Nov. 9, four days after the strike began. Three weeks into the strike, his words are still relevant. He does a great job of doing that thing that Slate magazine does: Make you think. The article is smart and quippy.
According to Patterson, the strikers in Los Angeles make it look just a little too fun. “The snappy chants, the Grey’s Anatomy stars walking the picket line in surgical scrubs, the Starbucks beverages,” Patterson writes. Patterson, a man who knows television, thinks the writers aren’t striking hard enough. To prove his point, he discusses exactly what they’ve been doing while on strike. Well, while on strike from writing the writers produced a four-minute YouTube video titled, “The Writers Strike: Why We Fight.” He calls the YouTube video, “A mighty fine piece of PowerPoint propaganda.”
That is just a snippet of the fun that I had reading this article. I learned more about the strike and why the writers are striking, but more importantly I was amused. In this article, along with other entries, Patterson is insightful and hilarious. He takes entertainment topics and puts his spin to it.
I don’t mean to trivialize the plight of the working man or woman, I just really like television. If, this strike does drag on, I could watch shows online, but I am pretty sure that’s what started this whole strike in the first place.
Maybe this writers strike isn’t so bad after all. I may not be able to watch my favorite television shows, but I can go to and read my new favorite: Patterson’s column. I guess I have the Writers Guild of America to thank for that.



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