Right on the Money

Money magazine is known for providing its expert advice to readers on topics ranging from saving for short-term investments, like buying a house, all the way to long-range savings, like a retirement plan.

The main page on the site, which is the home for Money, Fortune, and Fortune Small Business magazine, offers an array of stories for readers: How to retire rich, how to survive in today’s stock market, why a 401(k) is still worth the investment, and some other savings-related stories. The writers and editors know what their readers want and they deliver. At the top of the page, the Web site offers readers “Best of” guides –like the best places to retire, best places to live and the best money moves. Lists like that are reader-friendly because they provide a nice break from longer articles and they summarize the main points in a quick and succinct manner. They don’t take much time to read but they do give readers lots of useful information. 

While the site’s content echoes the magazine’s, what really draws the audience in is the other information that is offered –though the online extras are not necessarily tied into what’s in the print version.

In its November issue, the print version of Money had a “guide to getting rich” package for its readers. It included six articles with information about retirement, how to stretch a dollar, moving away from the suburbs after the kids graduate, and more.

The online stories from November’s issue are the same as what appeared in print. While that may be good for people who do not subscribe to the magazine, for more avid readers, it may be a disappointment. Prior to visiting the Web site, I picked up the November issue in order to compare it to the online version. What I found is that November’s issue is outlined right on the Web site. So, why did I read the print version? Or, for more frequent readers, why should they visit the Web site?

For one, people who visit the Web site are able to get the latest business news from CNNMoney.com. In fact, when readers go to the homepage, the first thing they see is a long list of \ news pertaining to spending money, businesses, stocks, jobs and economy, real estate, and much more. On November 27, the site offered readers stories about the rising cost of Christmas presents, the high price America has to pay for oil, and the stock markets comeback. There is also a section entitled “latest news” that contains stories about tax breaks, drug warnings from the FDA, and a small profile of the 25 most powerful businesspeople. So, readers who come to the page looking for Money magazine find themselves immersed in other useful facts.

Although the Web site does not provide more stories, charts, or polls linked to the November issue, it does give its readers other useful food for thought. Based on the type of readers Money sets out to attract –older people who are looking for tips about how to make the best use of their income– the Web site is right on the money.


–Gitana Mirochnik


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