Full on Marie Claire


            Marie Claire can be a best friend to a woman in need of worldly information and fashion tips.  Easy to carry around and even easier to read, Marie Claire is not a person or an actual best friend, but it’s just as substantial. 

            More than just a fashion or beauty magazine, it gives stories of real women in the world.  It can range from how a woman deals with a dangerous relationship to how women of different backgrounds handle similar situations.  Along with that you will get beauty and fashion advice but it ranges for women of every size.  It’s something that a reader can enjoy and escape from their world in but still learn about others and feel educated at the same time.

            Marie Claire dedicates its December 2007 issue to love, relationships and fashion.  In the article “Very Big Love,” Dorothy Allred Soloman describes her life growing up in a polygamist family, as one of 48 children.  She explains how her father spent a year in prison for participating in a dual family, and how, on two different Christmases, the family fled to Mexico to avoid federal officers.  She details how her family was forced to separate because of law enforcement and her mother’s increasing depression due to lack of attention from her husband.  Later in life, she decided not to become involved in a polygamist relationship, but she still cherishes the love and strength she gained from her family.  Solomon gives an example of something out of the norm but still makes it relatable to any amount of families. 

            Marie Claire reaches out to their diverse readers with “101 dresses on 101 readers,” where they show the hottest New Years Eve dresses.  This spread featured readers of different races, sizes, ages, and occupations wearing dresses that fit their body type. The spread gives readers something with which to relate.  It shows real women looking great in holiday dresses, letting readers know that they too can go out and find something great.

            In a tell-all, cover girl Nicole Kidman talks about the hardships of relationships in the public eye.  She explains how the first year of marriage is the hardest, how turning 40 is one of the best things that happened to her, and how she feels no ill will toward Tom Cruise.  This article is relatable to women who have been divorced or who are just newly wed. Women can be comforted knowing that no one’s relationship is perfect.  Also by reading what Nicole goes through it gives hope for other women that may be having a hard time in their own relationships.    

          Marie Claire has a slogan: “More Than a Pretty Face.” A confidant that gets its readers through each month, it is not your average woman’s fashion magazine it has more substance. 


Candice Stewart




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