Once you pop you just can’t stop

Entertainment Weekly quenched the thirst of many 90210 fans who wanted the scoop on the new show, the old drama, and everything in between when the Sept. 5 issue hit newsstands.

Former stars of 90210 Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty cover the Sept. 5 issue of EW. The timeliness of capturing Garth and Doherty’s input on the new show is important since the show premiered Sept. 2. This was a strategic move by EW because 90210 was a hit series from 1990 to 2000, and many of its readers are interested in learning more about what these actresses are up to now and what to expect for the new season. Garth and Doherty haven’t been on the TV scene together in 14 years and this article digs deeply into how they feel about acting together again.

The feature, “Afterschool Special”, with Garth and Doherty has unique design and photographs. The opening spread of the article mimics written notes on loose leaf paper with key names highlighted. This is a very “high school” touch added to the layout to reemphasize the sometimes juvenile aspect of high school note-passing mentality. The photos fit perfectly with Garth appearing as a school teacher with rules written on the chalk board behind her. This coincides with Garth’s role as a guidance counselor on the new series. Doherty is pictured vandalizing a desk to portray the “bad girl” image she once had on the show’s previous stint. Although since the show Doherty has maintained a semi-low key profile doing theatre in London, EW wanted to draw readers in with this image of her old bad girl persona.

EW does a good job of asking hard questions, by discussing Doherty’s previous bad reputation on set and how that affected everyone else’s initial opinions of her. Doherty discloses that she never liked her role as Brenda on 90210, but she felt a responsibility to her fans since they put a roof over her head for so many years. Doherty and Garth also set the record straight about a rumored fistfight they had on set during the old 90210. They had their moments, but it was far from a WWF match.

All of these factors revealed in the article allow fans of 90210 a closer look at what happened behind the scenes on the set. A reader wouldn’t be able to get access to information like that on the CW website. This interview really tells the story of how both actresses felt tension about acting with their younger counterparts and the process in which they had to change roles for their own characters on the new version of the show are all important to EW readers.

EW slacked on getting meatier commentary from Tori Spelling. Spelling wrote a book sTORI Telling, which reveals secrets about Doherty’s bad behavior on 90210. Spelling’s father, the late Aaron Spelling was the creator of 90210. The article should’ve included a sidebar from Spelling and her previous cast members like Luke Perry or Ian Ziering to get their opinions about the new show. This would’ve provided a juicier article for readers to get all points of view from former cast members.

We’re four episodes into the season and EW readers and 90210 fans are unraveling the new material on the show. The new Wilson family is reminiscent of the former cozy Walsh family, but now with an alcoholic grandmother. The other new cast members include the token good girl, newspaper editor, jock, ladies man, and a mean girl with attitude that makes The Devil Wears Prada look like a bedtime story.

-Alysia Satchel


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