Why Cosmoplitan rules in celeberity cover stories

Why do we pick up and buy magazines? Some are in love with the magazine as a whole. Some are attracted to a particular topic. Me? I’m an old-fashioned girl: If it has a cover story that I care about, I’m there. That’s why I love Cosmo. The cover stories are interviews with people I want to know about, written with intimacies that make me think I’m sitting knee-to-knee with the celebrity subject. And the stories are uniquely Cosmo. The October issue is a great example.

Kate Hudson, one of my favorite actresses is on the cover. Eric Alt takes us into Hudson’s apartment from the housekeeper that opens the door to the Hindu God Ganesha statue that sits in her living room. Alt gives characteristics of Hudson such as her drinking bottled water to her bouncily walking around her apartment in the beginning of the interview. As any good journalist knows details make an article. Cosmo is a master of details but not so much that you feel drained by them. Cosmo’s articles are short and easy to read with enough information to feel like you know what is going on without being over whelmed. Hudson discusses her new views on love, marriage and relationships. She says, “I understand that relationships change and sometimes not the way you expect them to.” I usually find myself devouring the issue from cover to cover.

Lastly, I enjoy the signature “Cosmo Quiz” and “Things You Don’t Know About Until Now” section of the interview. The featured celeb reveals hidden secrets about themselves. Hudson reveals that her middle name is Garry and she won a talent show with a solo dance routine to Janet Jackson’s “Rythmn Nation” in fifth grade. As a reader I feel as though I am getting let in on hidden secrets that they want to share. They are filling out the “Cosmo Quiz” themselves, their favorite co-stars, nicknames, and ideas on current issues facing Cosmo readers. In Hudson’s Cosmo Quiz, she admits that the best piece of advice she ever got was from her “pa” who told her to “just have fun”, the words that she lives by are to “try everything once, twice if you like it” and that her nickname is “birdie”. I love to take the quiz with my friends and compare our answers because we can relate to the questions and other people’s answers. Not just the rich and famous.

Cosmopolitan is the #1 women’s magazine in the world, written in 34 languages with 58 international editions. I can see the appeal. As Elle Woods says in Legally Blonde, Cosmo is the bible.

–Terri Rafferty


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