Green Glamour for the Boho Chick

Go green, young woman! Launched this fall, boho is a brand new fashion magazine for the eco-conscious consumer. Printed on 100 percent recycled paper, it is the green girl’s alternative to Lucky magazine, featuring pages of eco-friendly clothing, accessories, and cosmetics.  boho looks like a very expensive catalog for West Coast yuppies—Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog leaps to mind (the home of the $50 cotton t-shirt).


boho believes that the best way to save the planet is to buy, buy, buy, whether it be $575 flats emblazoned with peace signs or a $225 recycled Coke bottle bracelet. Just remember to bring your $27 reusable “Green is Good” tote bag to carry your purchases home.

Filled with dime store, motivational quotes like “Be a light in the darkness” and “Enjoy Life!” the magazine aspires to inspire the “boho girl” who is described as “Free. Radical. Independent. Her style is her own. It’s personal. Existential.” Existential? As in relating to existence? Or, perhaps, based on the 19th century philosophical movement? Deep!

But my guess is that the editor-in-chief and publisher, Gina La Morte, doesn’t really know.  She’s a celebrity stylist, who designed stores and television commercials for several retailers early in her career. But not the vintage, one-of-a-kind boutiques you might expect a boho girl to frequent.  Instead, La Morte honed her style skills dressing windows for The Gap, Old Navy, and Nordstrom. That’s probably why despite its rough, unglossy pages and ads for Birkenstocks and non-profits like ForestEthics, this magazine feels so corporate.  You can dress up Warren Buffett in tie-dye and pass him a joint, but you can’t make him inhale.

So, here’s the main question: what demographic is this magazine hoping to reach? True bohemians and eco-warriors will smell the stench of fakery from a mile away, while unapologetic fashionistas will stick to Lucky or shopping online. Without a major image overhaul, I fear that boho is not long for this world. 

-Jennifer Davis


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