Who Would Have Known?

I stepped outside the box on this one. I’m not the usual Lucky reader. I had a vague idea of what Lucky was, but I never thought I would be interested in the magalog. Mostly because I felt no relation to it due to its “rich girl” and “superficial” appeal. When I saw Jessica Simpson on the cover, it reaffirmed my feelings, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I found this magazine caters to everyone, and it offers simple, affordable, and realistic tips to spice up any wardrobe. So if you haven’t been a fan of Lucky, don’t be so quick to judge. It really captures a true sense of fashion, shopping, and style that can be a crutch to anyone, regardless of your budget or personal taste.

This fashion issue really encompasses all of the season’s hottest trends. It also has a how-to section that really works. It gives simple quick tips to styling, figure fixes, and smart finds. In this section, it revealed a tip to softening hard denim. I would have never thought to rub Bounce fabric-softener sheets on my stiff denim to get a softer feel, and a better fit.

Organic food and even clothing are big deals these days. But did you know there is organic jewelry? Yes, jewelry. I came across a section in the magazine about some hip, rocker-chic, fashion jewelry. Lucky went green where I’d never imagined! 

Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, but clothes aren’t far behind. I was surprised to see such cute everyday shirts made out of organic material. Even though it was an ad, (there was about 120 pages of ads in the 272 page issue), by Macy’s, it piqued my interest.

The handbag section was absolutely engaging. That section alone would have made the issue a big newsstand seller. A female’s need to accessorize and be trendy is vital. So any girl into fashion would adore this section. I mean, how much cooler could Lucky be? It covered everything, from clutch bags, to hobos, to cross-body messengers, then to swingy fringe, ruffled leather, and much more. It was heaven.

To my dismay, the make-up tips and some of the styling tips weren’t geared toward black women. When I saw some of the advice on hair and skin, I got excited and ready to experiment. Then I realized the techniques and products might not be for my hair or skin type. 

However, in one of the how-to sections, the woman they made over was shaped similar to me, and I found that section informative.

All the tiny pieces of the magazine make for a fast reading pace. Before I knew it, I was at the back of the magazine.  So, I’ll admit I was wrong, and I need to hone my judgment.  Lucky has fooled me all this time. Now I’m officially addicted. What female wouldn’t be?

–Tiffany Alleyne


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