Gossip and Scandal Say It All

The juiciest TV shows around are soap operas, so why not read about all the excitement in magazine form.

Soap Opera Digest is a weekly magazine that covers all the news for every soap show, every week. The magazine has drama written all over it, literally, with headlines from the Sept. 30 issue on the cover displaying the words “TRAGEDY” and “EXPLOSIVE SECRET” in neon, colorful display type.

The cover of this issue shows that the news is essential for soap opera fans. People need to know about “the most shocking wedding of the year,” who murdered Trent, and what is Pete going to do with his superpowers.

Soap Opera Digest knows its readers very well. The magazine always sticks to a funny and short writing method.   It makes the readers keep wanting more details about every show.  It definitely puts you right into the soap opera world.

The writing is fresh with a comedic twist in the late breaking news section about different shows, actors, and behind-the-scenes information that goes on when the camera stops rolling such as Ben eating a bagel or Sarah reading lines.

Let’s get real, it is a magazine about soap operas, how serious can the late breaking news get?

It’s written so that you can actually feel the bold “slaps” and dramatic “pauses” that are from the shows. An example would be Allison saying “I hate you” and then she slaps Bob, and then the camera goes in for a close up with intense music playing as both actors stare at each other in a shocked look.

Along with gossip and scandals come the beautiful people.  Red carpet looks only (meaning long dresses and expensive designers); you’re not going to find any ugly or average looking people in this magazine. Soap Opera actors are all attractive people and Soap Opera Digest shows them off in a variety of photos of charity events and daily life.             Cameras flash and people see Shemar Moore of Young & the Restless, supporting the fight against cancer and over there is Kim Zimmer of Guiding Light, having a bad fashion day.

Most of the articles are very short and would probably be front of the book or back of the book short blurbs in most other magazines. 

In particular, one of my favorite sections from the magazine is the blurb called “Classic Lines,” which features funny lines said by actors during a scene.  On “All My Children,” Adam tries to reassure his daughter Colby, that her role in Ritchie’s death won’t hurt her college status or her image. Colby replies “Dad, I’m the drunk girl in the car that killed a man. Exactly what image am I suppose to protect?”

All you need is a hunger for stories about people doing bad things and a sense of humor and you come up with Soap Opera Digest. Readers of Soap Opera Digest will be able to understand the magazine is serious about the information, but doesn’t take itself too seriously in the delivery. 


—   Skylaur Morris 


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