O Knows Homes

From cover to cover, the O at Home fall 2008 issue jam-packed classic and chic interior décor ideas inside a mere 142 pages.  While other home design publications are as thick as 500-page wedding magazines, this slim and trim member of the Oprah Magazine family pulls off an interesting mix of the high end and the second hand all under one glossy cover featuring Oprah’s personal library in her Santa Barbara home.

This issue has amazing ideas that can be mastered and maintained on even the skimpiest budget.  Each issue has the $3 or less idea that saves you money and adds some flare or innovation to some aspect of your home décor.  O at Home is a quarterly that uses a theme for summer, spring, fall, and winter.  Needless to say, it has a special place in its heart for each season.  For the fall, there is a focus on finding that cozy place in your home to curl up with a good book, or several as Oprah puts it, and enjoy time to yourself.

Books aren’t the only literary theme in this issue because there are features on writers and the places they go to work on projects.  One piece that inspires the soul of a writer was written by novelist Alice Hoffman.  In 500 words or less she beautifully depicts a quaint, little Cape Cod house that stands next door to her and her husband’s summer home.  They bought the home after the owner passed away, and then turned the old and hidden dwelling into a light and airy abode fit for inspiring written works of art.  Hoffman’s friends told her they would not have completed the work they did, had they not visited the “writers’ house.”

O at Home offers expertise in creating a comfortable reading room in your own home, no matter if your taste is chic, modern, country, or vintage there is a style you can mimic for big bucks at a swanky boutique or at a local thrift shop on dollars and dimes.  Once your new space is achieved, allow yourself some time to curl up with that next good read.   

Whether it’s the books or the bookends, or the style inspirations, O at Home has a wide variety of substance that makes a home.  Feel at ease because O at Home really knows you.  However, be prepared for the constant humming of “O-wo-Oprah,” you may take part in while flipping through the pages. 


– Farah Pike


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