Sassy Politics at Marie Claire

Leave it to Marie Claire to do a clever election bit that puts a hilarious twist on the political partay. MC’s sassy guide to everything you need to know about the 2008 election is part funny, part naughty, and part practical. With recent conversations tilting towards two particularly hot men, writers Yael Kohen and Lauren Ianotti came up with a self-confessed, “shamelessly oversimplified” McCain vs. Obama guide that is as comical as it is honest.

It’s a little strange that the election package didn’t make the coverlines so close to November. Did MC think it didn’t go with the Lindsay Lohan cover?  Anyway. The section opens with two ridiculously thin models in color-coded couture: red and blue cocktail dresses. Go figure!

After laying down the vital issues and the candidates’ opposing stands, the authors added quirky one-liners for some casual cocktail party chatter. The divide on healthcare has McCain saying people should buy individual plans while Obama requiring employers to provide them. The line: “Sure, the U.S. ranks 37th in the world for its health-care system—just behind Costa Rica. But we’re still number one for boob jobs. USA! USA!”

Even more amusing was the recession issue. While McCain proposes a $3 – $10 billion bail out for homeowners and “loves NAFTA the way it is,” Obama wants a $50 billion stimulus package for creating jobs and “flip-flops on NAFTA like your best Havaianas.”The sound bite? A reference to a French philosopher adds substance to sass: “Dude, de Tocqueville nailed it when he said that even if our balance of property ensures balance of power, it doesn’t mean the best men rule—just look at those grain-gouging hedge-funders and their influence on world politics.”

More than the funny, this election section is loaded with information. MC does a sidebar on the top five politics blogs (“for blowing off work”), play-by-play options on TV catered to your liking (“if you like a little Botox with your moral outrage, watch Keith Olbermann’s Countdown), and throws a cocktail recipe “for each side of the divide” for good measure. Really, what more can you ask for? 

In true Marie Claire fashion, MC’s politics section also dishes out practical advice on how to avoid debate death traps. MC turned to Sally Quinn, legendary D.C. hostess and wife of former Washington Post editor Bed Bradlee, to remedy potentially dangerous scenarios, such as when someone says he or she can never vote for a black man. “Don’t play,” Quinn said. “You can’t have an intelligent, rational conversation with anybody who would think that. Just say, ‘Excuse me, I have to visit the ladies room.’” Well played!

Them feminists might scoff at MC for this, but hey, those with a sense of humor get that it’s not about watering down election issues. Smart women are sexy, but funny women are sexier. Cheers to that!

– Kris Alcantara




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