The Biden Bunch

Behind every good man, is a great woman…or, in Joe Biden’s case, 11.

As Election Day looms, this month’s Vogue offers a refreshing break from nitpicky politics with its article “all the vice president’s women.”

Self-sufficient, schooled, and unbelievably stunning, Biden’s beauties, a near dozen of them, are an estrogenic force to be reckoned with.

Barack Obama may have lost a few female supporters when he failed to select Hillary Clinton as his right-hand-woman, but fair-weather fans ­­­­­­­rest assured, Biden is backed by four generations of leading ladies.

Headed by Jill, Biden’s second wife, and Valarie, his younger sister/campaign manager, the potential vice president’s camp stands by its man.

“We’re not just a couple in politics, or one person,” Jill says, “we’re a family in politics.”

Jill, who met her husband in 1975, knew she was walking into a situation that needed a great deal of care. Not only was the then “youngest senator in history” nine years her senior, but, at 30, he was a widow and single father of two.

Just three years prior to his blind date with Jill, and only a few weeks before being sworn into office, Biden’s first wife Neilia and their 13-month-old daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident.

Kennedy-esque in both tragedy and poise, the family’s bonds are understandably unbreakable.  

Thus explains Vogue’s infatuation. A flagship for high fashion and femininity since its 1892 beginnings, the magazine is always on the lookout for fresh faces and exciting new trends.

 “This has been a woman-centric election year,” editor-in-chief Anna Wintour wrote, noting the public’s current passion for pretty politicians.

Following in the well-manicured footsteps of previous interviewees—backwoods chic Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (pre V.P. nomination), Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and first lady-in-waiting Michelle Obama—Jill and co. are yet another exemplification of Wintour’s observation. 

Perfectly content in their Wilmington, Del. home, the family has managed to avoid the Washington limelight, a light they intend to stay out of no matter what happens in the days to come.

Whether Senator Biden will be the next vice president of this country is unclear, but one thing’s for sure: if Joe and Jill do make it beyond the proverbial hill to the White House, and the Biden’s become America’s second-string family, they will undoubtedly remain as glamorously grounded as they are right now.

And as for the aforementioned 11? They’ll be there, as they always have been—proudly beside their guy and their country, every step of the way.

—Erin Williams


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